Marvellous, unpleasant tasting stuff!
It must be food qualityyou can buy it in the baking section of any super market
It’s very alkaline so the microbes that cause the pong can’t live and multiply in it!
At least that’s what I’ve worked out

It’s a very effective deodorant – not as a sweat stopper!
Make it into a paste with a drop of water and apply to arm pits – shaving brush works very well – It does/can make a white mark on your clothes but it washes out

Toothpaste – put a decent amount on your tooth brush – it tastes awful – very salty? But remember it’s non toxic and cheap as chips! [much much cheaper – potatoes are very expensive here]

I think I picked this information up from Dr Hulda Clark – she’s the big expert on what toxic substances we surround ourselves with: thinners, paint, floor sealers carpets, benzene, cleaning chemicals, glues on and on and on, in her book called, How To Cure All Diseases, she is seen to be a tad on the extreme side and the pharmaceutical industry and food companies hate her as she keeps exposing the toxic chemicals that are in our foods and says we can cure ourselves of anything if we take basic steps [see her site] which means you don’t need to buy conventional medicines. She’s into de-parasiting ourselves in a big way! She says that parasites that would normally pass through us are now stopping off as we are such a great environment to live in! We just need to take the non toxic, ground up herbs that flush them out!
Here’s a couple of links of toxic lists found on her site to depress you futher!
The 5 Immunity Destroyers
Clean up your Home
• Freon (refrigerator, air conditioner)
• Fiberglass (drapes, open insulation)
• Formaldehyde (foam bedding, new clothing, newspapers)
• Vanadium (gasoline, leaking fuel, automotive exhaust)
• Asbestos (gym belts, dryer belts, hair blowers)
• Arsenic (pesticide used indoors, wallpaper)
• Beryllium (outside air pollutant)
• Strontium (outside air pollutant, water, corn, honey)
• Chlorine
• Tobacco smoke

08:48 Cape Town South Afrika


  1. 1 lorna

    how to make diodorant and toothpaste?

  2. 2 hoh

    Do you mean how to make the non toxic deorderant and toothpaste?
    Like this –


    BICARBONATE OF SODA – Make it into a paste with drops of water and apply to arm pits – shaving brush works very well

    Put a decent amount of BICARBONATE OF SODA on your tooth brush and brush!
    It doesn’t taste nice but it’s not toxic and it’s very cheap!

  3. Hi,
    Is bicarbonate soda which is found in South Africa the same thing which the Americans call baking soda?

  4. 4 hoh

    hi eddie de beer
    re: : Is bicarbonate soda which is found in South Africa the same thing which the Americans call baking soda?

    Sorry, i have no idea!
    Wikipedia.com might have the answer for you

    In south african supermarket’s, tins of Bicarb are sold with the baking stuff like – cake mixes, yeast – i think it is used by real expert bakers! they mix it with something else to get cakes to rise – there’s a chemical reaction with the other ingredient which i can’t remember the name of…
    I hope you get yr answer soon

  5. 5 Sean

    The best way to apply the deodorant I have found is to put some Bicarb in a glass, put water in(about 1:3 to 1:1 ratio of SB:water) and then get a tissue mix it and dab the water onto your pits.

    It’s the best deodorant i’ve found and i’ve tried lots.

    hoh says:

    thanx for that sean
    very useful info
    have you tried it as toothpaste?
    doesn’t taste great
    very salty
    but brilliant for keeping those pesky acid loving bacteria at bay!

  6. 6 sanxiago

    Thanks I have been using it and its useful I use it before to sleep to wash my teeth, and I have kiss fresh breath every morning. I also agree it works better than any other deodorant, I am not trying to be alternative here and go against the stablishment, its just that all deodorants had some kind of side effect on me or would not last more than one hour.
    One last thing that Dr. Clark person seems to be a bit over the top, she looks like she could be married to Dr. Spock, or herself be in Star Trek 🙂

  7. 7 Ken

    Sanxiago,don,t knock the good doctor,if it were not for people like her and Dr.Mercola the drug companys would be having a field day with all their phony cures that only hide the symptoms

  8. Sodium Bicarbonate is good stuff. I use it myself. For toothpaste, I add a tiny bit of stevioside (natural sweetener from the the stevia plant). Then it tastes just fine.


    BIZLINKS says:

    Thanks so much for this info!
    all the best to you

  9. 9 Steve

    I like to add Frankincense and Myrrh oils to my Bicarb tooth paste in a base of Jojoba oil, as they’re antiseptic, and taste and smell good for a long time leaving a fresh taste in the mouth, even after eating and drinking.
    I’m also thinking of adding Stevia, or Xylitol as sweeteners. as Xylitol is supposed to help enamel regeneration.
    Also, non segmented Horsetail herb in the diet is reputed to help regenerate tooth enamel.
    I like to know what is in my body maintenece products as much as possible, as things like fluoride (Read ‘rat poison’), aluminium, and other ingredients do nothing for my faith in most commercially available products.
    Thanks for the tips on deodrant too.
    I was unaware of bicarb as a cheap and safe alternative ’til now: )
    Must give it a try, as most of the over-counter products don’t work for me.

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