China arms ship unloads only cement in Angola-ITF
LONDON, May 6 (Reuters) – “….A Chinese-owned ship carrying a cache of weapons originally destined for Zimbabwe has only unloaded construction equipment in Angola and not its consignment of arms, transport unions said on Tuesday…”
(Reporting by Stefano Ambrogi; Editing by Jon Boyle)

Did the weapons go through Angola? 1.5.08
For a massive ship that carries tons of ammunition and has its own cranes on board, the controversial Chinese ship carrying arms for Zimbabwe is about as easy to pin down as a cockroach in a dark, damp cellar. The An Yue Jiang is carrying three million rounds of ammunition for AK-47s, 1 500 rocket-propelled grenades and several thousand mortar rounds…..
by Mandy Rossouw, Nic Dawes and Jason Moyo.
Mail & Guardian on line 01 May 2008

The Zim weapons have fallen off the radar screen – too much going on else where i guess. I want to know what has happened to them! Have they been delivered or have they returned to china? I want to move on!

LINK to the CIA‘s take on Zimbabwe eg.
Life expectancy:
Female: 38.55 years
Male: 40.87 years
(2008 est.)

MAIL & GUARDIAN Search results for:An Yue Jiang

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