China’s Foreign Ministry – contact: webmaster@mfa.gov.cn

update: 11.30 GMT BBC WORLD NEWS
The weapons carrying Chinese ship is the top story on BBC TV news
Reporter from JHB and Beijing have just said that there is confusion on the where abouts of the ship – it has not been sited or contacted in th e past 36 hrs.
the Chinese spokes person for the ministry of foreign affairs has not made the announcement that the ship has been recalled to China.
Yesterday a spokes person at the ministry and the owners of the ship say they do not know where it is.
Yeah right! oh please………..!

i’m logging off now!
so much for news reporting!
how can they announce this with out being sure
the rotten sods
at least it’s made top news!

Zimbabwe arms returning to China – Announced by China’s Foreign Ministry

A ship carrying weapons to Zimbabwe is returning to China after neighbouring countries refused to unload it, China’s foreign ministry has said.
“The [shipping] company took this decision,” said spokeswoman Jiang Yu.
The US had urged China to recall the shipment, while the UK has said it will propose an international arms embargo on Zimbabwe.
The results of the 29 March presidential election have not been released amid growing violence……

Well done China!
A pat on the back to you…..

[They will like that given the torch negative PR]

China’s Foreign Ministry
contact: webmaster@mfa.gov.cn

Well done bloggernistas for leaning on them!



  1. 1 hoh

    11AM GMT – BBC TV news
    “A warning, the ship has not been tracked for the past 2 days”

    this implies that it might have unloaded the arms?

    Yesterday 23.4.08 – on BBC World Radio – i heard that
    Brown, wants an arms embargo on Zimbabwe
    on hearing this Zuma, leader of the ANC and more than likely the future president of South Africa, said that the embargo “isn’t necessary” [he was in the UK]

  2. 2 hoh

    So what happened to the Zimbabwe weapons ship? Was it recalled?
    It seemed to fall off the BBC world radar after they reported incorrectly that it had been recalled by the Chinese foreign minister. 24th April
    Have just done a search on the Mail and Guardian here’s the search results page
    and the headings – if you want to see the whole article go there for the links


    Did the weapons go through Angola?
    01 May 2008
    For a massive ship that carries tons of ammunition and has its own cranes on board, the controversial Chinese ship carrying arms for Zimbabwe is about as easy to pin down as a cockroach in a dark, damp cellar. The An Yue Jiang is carrying three million rounds of ammunition for AK-47s, 1 500 rocket-propelled grenades and several thousand mortar rounds.

    Arms ship turns tail
    25 April 2008
    With the arms freighter An Yue Jiang reportedly returning to China, the Zimbabwean military is being forced to review how it ships arms to the country. The South African Press Association reported that the ship had set off home. It had run up against a High Court interdict in South Africa and the threat of trade union “blacking” action at ports throughout the region.

    People for people
    24 April 2008
    In a career full of scoops it was one of Martin Welz’s biggest — and yet it did not wait for his investigative magazine, noseweek. The story of the An Yue Jiang, floating off Durban with its Zimbabwe-bound cargo of Chinese weapons, was too urgent for journalistic competitiveness to outweigh the interests of justice.

    Zim arms ship ‘not in SA waters’
    22 April 2008
    A Chinese ship carrying a shipment of arms and ammunition destined for Zimbabwe was not in South African territorial waters, a Defence Ministry spokesperson said on Monday in reaction to a claim that the An Yue Jiang was “passing through South Africa’s territorial waters” in violation of a court order.

    Zille: Don’t give Chinese arms to Zim
    18 April 2008
    Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille on Friday urged President Thabo Mbeki and national conventional arms-control committee chairperson Sydney Mufamadi to stop the transfer of arms aboard a ship, the An Yue Jiang, in Durban harbour to Zimbabwe. The ship has been at anchor off the port of Durban since Monday.

  3. 3 hoh

    I Recomentd, the propaganda press blog
    It seems to be the most jacked up on the latest info on the zim weapons saga


    “An Yue Jiang waits in Luanda harbour”
    “The Chinese ship carrying weapons for Zimbabwe is anchored off Luanda and shows no sign of returning to China, says the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).”
    Posted in Africa by propaganda press on May 3rd, 2008

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