STOP a ship full of arms destined for Zimbawe. Be a world citizen – sign the petition!
The wording:
“We the undersigned call on all members of the international community to prevent the shipment of weapons currently aboard the Chinese vessel An Yue Jiang from reaching Zimbabwe. We believe that at the current time, this weapons shipment risks facilitating grave, widespread and systematic violations of human rights through fuelling violence, killings and intimidation during Zimbabwe’s growing political crisis. We also call on all governments to urgently agree a tough international Arms Trade Treaty to prevent these types of arms deals from happening in the future.”

LINK to the petition home page
I’m so proud of our union men and women. They speak out and take action – supporting their brothers and sisters across the globe.

Please post the above on your blogs and email this information to your friends/contacts/networks…..
Viva! The Internet Viva!

Did you know that there have been “…113,000 [recorded hoh] gun deaths since 1st January 2008….“? [IANSA’s gun deaths counter on petition website top right
it was 112,000 this morning…..


  1. 1 hoh

    [15:25 23rd april cape town]
    latest info found on propagandapress blog

    “A CHINESE ship carrying six containers of ammunition for Zimbabwe has applied to take on fuel at Walvis Bay this morning…….

    The An Yue Jiang is carrying three million rounds of AK-47 ammunition, 1 500 rocket-propelled grenades and more than 3 000 mortar rounds and mortar tubes.

    Attempts to get comment from Government yesterday were unsuccessful……”
    The Namibian (Windhoek)

    22 April 2008
    Posted to the web 22 April 2008

    Christof Maletsky

  2. you can use any info from our site…you might also be interested in this one from our flagship that we got from llyods will post the original in pdf today
    112,000 gun deaths recorded where?

  3. 3 hoh

    ….112,000 gun deaths recorded where?

    it’s now 113,000…..
    i got this from IANSA’s site – top right gun death counter
    it was 112,000 this morning…..
    they don’t say where they got these stats from
    UN maybe you will need to contact them to find out

    thanx so much for your input and update of the where abouts of the Zim weapons cago ship

  4. 4 hoh

    I have done a quick Google search for the latest news on the Zim weapons ship
    This is all i found – yesterdays news 23.4.08

    The Times – Cape Town south africa – Borrie la Grange – Published:Apr 23, 2008

    Chinese ship disappears [AN YUE JIANG ? hoh]
    “…..Ship spotters in Simon’s Town, where the SA Navy has a base, told The Times yesterday that the SASDrakensberg — a navy replenishment vessel capable of carrying more than 5 000t of fuel — left the port on Monday morning and has not returned…….
    This has prompted speculation among shipping and naval enthusiasts that the navy ship might be assisting the Chinese vessel

    But the South African defence ministry denied any such suggestions.
    “Yes, the Drakensberg did leave Simon’s Town on Monday morning, but it is taking part in a normal exercise in Saldanha Bay…….””

    This blog gives details on the cargo ship being off Walfis Bay Namibia southern Africa [west cost] yesterday 22.4.08

    anyone got latest news?
    has it been recalled to china?
    too much focus on the darn olympic torch!

  5. 5 hoh

    an extract of The Human Rights Watch [HRW] letter to the Chinese president asking him to recall the weapons on the ship – letter–dated 22 April 2008 – Posted to the web 23 April 2008

    Dear President Hu,

    Human Rights Watch is a nongovernmental organization that monitors human rights in more than 70 countries around the world.

    We write to urge the government of the People’s Republic of China to immediately recall the shipment of weapons aboard the An Yue Jiang, currently off the coast of southern Africa. We also urge you to ensure that no further arms and ammunition deliveries are sent to Zimbabwe while the very high risk exists of such weapons being used against the civilian population…..”
    The Letter to President of China On Arms Sale – Zimbabwe:
    Human Rights Watch (Washington, DC)

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