Latitude 34. 1946409580577 degrees South – Longitude 18. 22 degrees East
Image – know where it is taken from? [CLUE: Spheniscus Demersus pied-à-terre]


Info [allegedly] put on a hotel key card:
Guests name
Guests partial home address
Hotel room number
Check-in date and out dates
Guests credit card number and expiry date

Hotels do not erase the information on these key cards until it is reissued to the next guest.

I was emailed this info last week – I have not done any research on it but the next time I stay at a hotel I will find out what info is on the key card and how and when they remove it & stand over them as they clear the data on it!

The author of this info is unknown to me but they tell us to
take said card with you and destroy it – I’d cut it up

If info is rubbish – apologies!

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