A brilliant site for anyone who wants to know about human anatomy
And what all the bits and pieces are called.
What a fantastic tool for medical students and the curious – Winkingskull – a non profit organisation I was told

●Click on image to see it really v big

interested in looking at stunning, state-of-the-art illustrations of human anatomy, www.winkingskull.com is the interactive study aid that is for you!

WinkingSkull.com is designed to let you study anatomy and test yourself on must-know concepts. You can gauge your proficiency against a handy timer and see your test results instantly.

LINK – to Winkingskull – see how you’re neck & back muscles mesh together

LINK – If you’re in pain – The Alexander Technique [AT] sorted out mine – learning how to use my body correctly – letting go of tension in my neck and shoulders


UPDATE: 10th July ’08
Winkingskull have changed their set up
to see the diagrams you need the following:

1. You have to register with Winkingskull

2. There is a link to download software from Microsoft to view the diagrams

I have been and still am struggling to get to see the diagrams with no success so far! I found out today that the reason is I use the browser Opera which it wont recognise
I’m using windows 2000, which is not compatible with the Microsoft software!

How about that!
Microsoft is forcing everyone to upgrade their operating system
more sales = more profit for share holders.
Bloody marvellous!

I have just downloaded the browser FIREFOX and am hoping that I can access the software through it.


update: firefox and windows 2000 does NOT work! boo hoo [13.7.08]
Good news is that for anyone else with a later operating system, it will work!

I’m not prepared to go through the pain of reinstalling windows and all that goes with it – having to reinstall all my software and drivers and router/internet connection etc etc – aaaaaaaaaaagh
I’ll stick to what I’ve got till i can’t use software i need to use, for now – but it’s inevitable – it will have to be done – it’s a whole day at Cidac, my fabulous computer people and weeks of tweaking!
I have used the later operating system and it’s rubbish!

LINK – to Winkingskull – see how you’re neck & back muscles mesh together



  1. 1 Sally

    what an awesome site – i had no problems signing up!

    bizlinks says:
    Thrilled you had no problems signing up and being able to see all those amazing diagrams!

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