“Cotton is one of the crops most heavily laden with chemicals. In fact, it takes roughly one-third of a pound [453.59237 grams under half a kilo] of chemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) to grow enough cotton for just one T-shirt…”
mia colpa! hells bells it’s all so depressing
and to think i’ve been making a point to buy natural fibre clothes – my cupboard is bursting with cotton!

great site to find out more and
what to do about it!

i had a neighbour years ago who was a hemp activist. the history of cotton is not a good one. but what are our alternatives to it?
ditch cotton gooooo hemp!


  1. Sir,
    i am doing a diploma in export management. we are required to submit a project report in which we have to tell about manufacturing of cotton shirts( t-shirts + collared shirts).
    so i request you to please tell me something about the manufacturing process so that i can have an idea of that and can make my report easily.
    thanking you
    yours trully
    mohit goyal

    hoh’s reply:

    i’m so sorry i can not tell you anything on manufacturing t shirts but i can suggest how to get the information!
    i’m just passing on information that i think is useful to know on this blog!
    i’m not a manufacturer and the little i know is dangerous!
    these links on this post will help you i’m sure
    either click on the red type which are links or
    go to these links where if found the info
    you must go to wikipedia and do a search
    it’s in the right column – in blogroll – tools wikipedia

    all the very best to you and
    good luck on yr project
    aren’t you glad you have access to the internet
    when i was studying there was no internet!
    i had to go to the library and thumb through loads of books!

    i hope you become a leading light and path blazer in making our planet a better place – peace and happiness and prosperity for all!

    I hope all your future work is based on being sustainable!


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