Click on foto for latest update of Cape Town [on north side of Table Mountain, on the west coast, facing robin island -out of view] The 2010 World Cup stadium on far right – the big v big blob! [3 billion rands]

LINK to see what the stadium will look like when finished

LINK full page webcam of Table Mountain
LINK 10 webcam choises
love it! – what a brilliant idea
there is one that shows you what the Q’s are like at the cable car – very few people hanging about now! [10 am]  there’s one on the cable car –  it seems to be stationary as it only shows a close up of a wall – there are also webcams showing – the N1 motor way @ century city – for traffic volume – Fishhoek – south facing from Clovellie & Knysna lagoon
you get a full screen image if you click on them
have just refreshed the page – it’s raining on the cable car window
and it’s brightening up with sun coming through the clouds from the Milerton webcam [take an umbrella just incase]
i wonder if there is a webcam on the other side [south side] of the hill?
often its raining there and it’s sunny in cape town



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