ctnstadlionshd The Cape Town 2010 Stadium – architect’s model [posted March 2008]
[Source: Courtesy – cybercapetown.com]
And this is what it looks like NOW (December 2009) Click on image to see it large
FIFA rules – I can’t use any of these words together, Cape Town, 2010, world cup, stadium, fifa – with out a licence from them!! That this is allowed is staggering – Big business rules – grrrr! It’s a monopoly and locals aren’t going to make money from the event – Image Photographer: Mr Bruce Sutherland



Cape Town stadium dedicated hub – Posts from various sites, since 2007, brought together in one place – featuring Odette Herbert’s stadium photographyLINK to 200 photographs so far – CLICK on photo to be transported there…..


UPDATE! Feb 2010

LINKS to photographs of the Cape Town Green Point stadium close up
– being built & the first test foot ball match in January 2010 – its gorgeous!

LINKCape Town stadium’s test run of 20k locals
– 11 ladumas in 10 minutes! (goals) 6 – 5 [28.Jan.2010]

LINK Cape Town’s coliseum [stadium]– FIFA’s specs, built by locals
– It’s big – really really BIG [15Nov09]

LINKCape Town Stadium– Live Art.The rope guys [rope access engineers] 6 till late – car park 4 best seats [16Nov09]
Cape Town Weather
It will be our WINTER in JUNE 2010 – remember to bring warm things!
We consider cold to be 16c.!It never snows in Cape Town – it can be hot if the wind is coming from the north and if it changes directions – coming off the sea from the south pole – it’s very nippy
– Always carry something warm and cool with you at all times!
The wind can change direction a few times a dayThe top of our mountains get snow now and again – we get really excited about it – drive for miles to play in it before it melts with in hours!
.LINKTWITTER Micro blog [max.140 word posts] on SA 2010 World Cup with stream of latest posts of their ‘tweets’ they are following with footi related info links [148 words with spaces!] [=173 words]
LINK – flyby animated breathtaking video on youtube of completed building
LINK webcam of CTN stadium construction site
Sorry link blocked – sold out to hightest bidder! hotels group [7.4.10] Grrrr!
2010 world cup specs stadium 60,000 seater

Photographed by Odette Herbert

Click on image to see it enlarged – taken June ’09 [3rd year of construction]

LINK – Images of Cape Town airport, CTN station – with dramatic music! [oooow] What our 8 billion rands [2.8? billion pounds stirling] are being spent on [plus roads infrastructure plus?] Will they complete those city centre flyovers that have hung there for 30 years or so?!

UPDATE – 15 November 2009
LINK – what the stadium is looking like now

UPDATE – 20 FEb 2009


LINKBUY YOUR TICKETS – application and requires the brain of a rocket scientist to understand the charts!
I’d like to buy a ticket for one of the Cape Town games but have no idea how to go about it as the charts are all greek to me!
Got to be there – I’ve witnessed the stadium being built for the event! and the tickets for locals are going for 20 US dollars – which i didn’t see on the FIFA ticket charts

BBC World service radio, has been giving out all the infomation about the tickets going on sale to day.

UPDATE – 18 FEb 2009

Tickets for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa will go on sale at 1100 GMT on Friday, Fifa has announced.
Individuals may apply for up to four tickets per match to a maximum of seven matches.
The first phase of sales runs from 20 February to 15 April and will see successful applicants chosen in a random ballot….
The physical tickets will be issued in April next year through specially created automatic teller machines situated around the venues in South Africa…..
Three further ticket sale phases will follow from 4 May to 16 November, 5 December to 22 January; with the final phase running from 9 February to 7 April 2010….
LINK – BBC NEWS – World Cup tickets to go on sale – By Ben Wyatt – BBC Sport


UPDATE – 31st January 2009
07467a gps07367

The stadium is very very big! 65,000 seater The roof will be put in place and raised from the 5th to the 8th of February – you will be able to see it happening on the webcam link below. It’s a structure similar to a spoked bicycle wheel which is raised into place rather like a horizontal London wheel Apparently it’s a first of it’s kind – new technology never done before

LINKCape Town Stadium – Visitors centre website. [UPDATE:Nov.2009 – site REMOVED as centre has been closed!]
Pitty  as it was was packed with great info and fabulous images.

They do construction site walk abouts! – not while the roof is being done 5 – 8 Feb – call first to make sure they are on again.
And a viewing platform And they have an excellent presentation where the principle people involved are gruelled by a panel Will you get it done in time?
Why spend all that money? [it doesn’t say how much though] 800 million pounds stirling according to the UK Gaurdian newspaper.
How will you stop the roof being blown off by the notorious south easter wind? etc
You see who the project manager is, the architect and other clever people also being grewlled by the panel

The centre has been put together with great ingenuity – the seating in the screening room is made from the last remaining section of the old stadium – with the original seats.

The presentation was most uplifting! Fabulous fly by animation of the stadium with table mountain as the back drop There is also a one man theatrical presentation of the history of the area – starting with the Khoi San up to today

LINK – Webcam of stadium building site

gps07439david 07287aw31 vctr07337a

Hard Hat sculpture… The architect…. Visitors entrance wall paper




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