One time zone only – milli day clock makes a whole lot more sense to me. It does have problems too! Time is a facinating thing – John Hynes web site is packed with absolutely fascinating information about all sorts of different TIMES & live clocks of all kinds.

UPDATE:@ 077.833D398.194 = 13th May 2008 = 077.833 [398.194 = 512 [milliday] [converter was deceased/broken!]

Due to swatch having removed the desktop download of ”internet time”
I’m removing them too!

A week ago i didn’t even know there was such a thing as decimal time let alone a clock! I had thought about it but soon gave up as my brain started to hurt!
So how does it work?

1000 days = kiloDies
100 days = hectoDies
10 days = dekaDies
1 day = Dies
1/10 of a day= deciDies,
1/100 of a day= centiDies,
1/1000 of a day= milliDies,
1/1000000 of a day= microDies.

“The fundamental unit of the Digital Time Project [DTP] is called ‘Dies’,[ALSO: diei – sounds better to me!] the Latin term for the day. This is in accord with the other units of the metric system, the ‘Litre’, the ‘Metre’ and the ‘Gram’…..” The Decimal Time Project [DTP]

It seems as if the site, which shows an impressive decimal numeric digital clock – is ticking but it doesn’t look like anyone is home!
Reminds me of, the Hitch Hikers guide to The Galaxy [Adams?], the planet which built planets, shut down because of galactic recession!
In DTP’s case it could be due to lack of interest and apathy?
I couldn’t find a contact page. The forum is dead. Could be that the military industry/sector have bought them out/shut it down, they could be using decimal time for terrible things…. there is a forum post on the site where someone suggests that the army could use it for……..[?] i didn’t click on it as i didn’t want to know.

Imagine this – not having to convert ones local time to others time zones when organising, flights/phone calls/appointments/? in far flung places
we can glance at the time and it’s the same time with every other internet user on the planet!
Bloody marvellous!
No more scratching of heads trying to work out who’s time zone we are looking at……..central eastern time? – whose time is that?
I thought it was Greenwich Mean Time [GMT] that was the standard!!
what changed? when did it change? It’s political!

Internet time might help us to think more as one people, one planet and move away from being nationalistic
Timeanddate is a site with many conversion things relating to time eg a countdown clock!


  1. cool dude!

    I live by the minute anyway, not by the second or hour

    I think we should all switch, or should I say, swatch?

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