I have ‘heard’ that PCB’s [POLYCHLORINATED BIPHENYLS] are now found in all water sources with the excetpion of very high up, streams.

“….PCBs were used as coolants and insulating fluids for transformers and capacitors, stabilizing additives in flexible PVC coatings of electrical wiring and electronic components, pesticide extenders, cutting oils, flame retardants, hydraulic fluids, sealants (used in caulking, etc), adhesives, wood floor finishes,[1] paints, de-dusting agents, and in carbonless copy paper.[2]
PCB production was banned [USA?hoh] in the 1970s due to the high toxicity of most PCB congeners and mixtures. PCBs are classified as persistent organic pollutants which bio accumulate in animals…“

“Local Chinook salmon also carry high PCB levels; some even carry higher levels than farmed salmon.

toxic effect of PCBsQ: You have highlighted that polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) would normally be released from dumpsite fires. Can you describe the effect of PCBs on health …
I wonder why this page has been removed?
Cover up! Conspiracy!

To find out more:
PCB’S IN WATER – Human Health Effects Of PCBs

●Speak to the store managers that you shop from
●Tell them that you want to know if the fish has been tested for PCB’s
●Tell them that you want to know which foods have are hormone and anti biotic free also!
They will then chat to their suppliers who will chat to their suppliers on and on up the chain!
It costs to have to test things but it’s got to happen
I believe that this way it eventually will get to the source of the problem which is understanding how the PCB’s hormones antibiotics get to be in our foods in the first place – the way we farm our foods and what goes into them
WE – The consumer – determine what is stocked on the shelves – WE are the ones that determine what sells and what doesn’t – and we need to know what’s in our food to know what brands are ‘healthy’ to buy – we need to know – be informed so we can make the choices!
WE have the power so lets use it!
Lets protect each other and all children – who are the most vulnerable
to any toxic chemicals/hormones [for super fast growth] and antibiotics in their food [mass farming, because they are living in such cramped damp and dark conditions] Are our foods happy when they meet their impersonal deaths?

I’m sure there are other chemicals too – like benzene which is what many companies use to clean their machinery with!

And what’s this about the food/drink? authorities telling us that there are acceptable levels of these toxic substances – microwaves etc I think they call it ‘permitted levels’

What do you think we need to do about this?

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