a 12thousand year old iceberg’s ice makes the purest water.
the ‘purity’ metre shows 0.1
a glass of tap water shows + – 400 [newfoundland?]
i wonder what our tap water would show?
heard this on the thirsty traveller [satellite tv]
didn’t catch the brand name but vodka is make with it
i wonder how much it would cost to harvest icebergs to bottle it?
perish the thought! the ice caps are already shrinking


  1. 1 Anonymous

    I like science

    BIZLINKS says:

    So do I!

    I’m ‘following’ many brilliant scientists & organisations on Twitter
    If you also want to follow them and read what they have to say in 140 characters [including spaces!] Take a look at my twitter page and click on “following” at the top of the right column
    You can follow any of them that take your fancy by clicking on the icon to the right of their listing
    It will take a little time to find them amongst the many brilliant people I’m following.
    Most of them – the scientists – I think you will find are at the end of all the pages as they seem to be listed with the most recent first.

    The BBC has excellent podcasts – where scientists and experts have discussions and debates etc – most can be downloaded as MP3 files so you can listen to them when you want

    All the best to you
    I wish you a wonderful 2010 filled with many discoveries!

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